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   Ultimate Boat Lifts, LLC isn't your ordinary boat lift company. Everything we make is custom designed to meet your needs. We are unique in that we offer what we call a "clean lift" - most overhead boat lifts use grease on the gears and cables, which then drips into your boat.

   Many installers use unsightly mud-flaps, plywood and "grease sleeves" to try to keep your boat clean. But not Ultimate Boatlifts -- we use special nylon inserts that self-lubricate, eliminating grease stains and metal-to-metal friction.

   Some installers fail to securely fasten the boat or PWC lift to the dock causing it to lean and potentially come loose. You can rest assured that Ultimate Boat Lifts will properly secure and install your boat lift correctly. If you are having problems with your lift structure, we can inspect and repair it for you. In addition, we stock replacement motors, switches, belts and cables should you want to do repairs yourself.


- At Ultimate Boat Lifts, we use Boat Hoist USA gear plates, the only flat plate hoist with a lifetime warranty. No steel on steel moving parts, we use bronze bushings for smoother and longer lasting lifts. The pulleys are made out of heavy cast aluminum for truer yield, more strength, and ensure that the belts will not slip. Enclosed worm gear housing that stiffens the back plate holds grease on the worm for less maintenance. Our 3500 and 4500 plates come with aluminum back plate.

-We only use stainless steel cables that are safer and longer lasting than galvanized.

-We use full plastic covers, front and back, for a much cleaner and quieter job.

-Our welders are AWS certified, and we fabricate all our own parts in-house.

-We will custom build to your specifications.

-Our lifts are engineered and have product liability insurance.

-We do not weld our bottom beam brackets on so that our customers can pick the different style lift they want (pontoon, double Jet Ski, ski boat, runabout). Our brackets bolt to the bottom beam so you do not have to buy new expensive beams if you change boats.

-We have an upgraded design for longer lasting and safer design with aluminum cable wraps that provides a machined groove that will help the cable hold its shape, straight and clean the pipe and prolong the life of your cable.

-We have GEM remotes that can run one or two motors at the same time. This will help in picking up your boat or PWC. It helps with parking boats in rough water. We can install auto stop that will limit the travel of the boat up or down.

-We use oil impregnated nylon bushings instead of steel on steel with grease fittings for our pipe brackets, which makes a cleaner job with no grease dripping into your boat.

-We provide you with a quality, long lasting, and trouble free lift you will be proud to have at your dock.

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